It’s Fall!

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the weather is…dreary, at least for now. As I am typing I can hear the repetitious drum of the rain as it falls on my roof. While I do sometimes find it soothing, I do miss the sunshine in the mornings before work. Sipping my coffee and writing as the wind softly rolls through the trees, there’s really nothing better. For some fall means that pumpkin spice is finally here and Halloween is just around the corner, for others it’s a dreaded time that means winter is that much closer. I … Continue reading It’s Fall!

A 21st Century Satire

With politics seeming to put a damper on everything today, I decided instead to start writing about something amusing. Here I present a very short(and incomplete) satire of what I imagine goes through the minds of the generation before my own(Mine being millennials)   ***** . In a small apartment in suburban America, two friends sat idly chatting about the times. One, who we will call Cecil, rambled incessantly about his many annoyances with the world. The other, Drew, sat scrolling through his phone, giving an occasional nod to show he was indeed still mentally present. “I tell you, I … Continue reading A 21st Century Satire

I Have Autism

In fourth grade, a psychiatrist told my parents that I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder included on the autism spectrum that is considered high functioning. My parents, who did not know much about autism, did a great deal of reading on my disorder and suddenly many of my quirks made sense to them. While they may not always understand why I do something they will always know the underlying reason behind it. I was truly lucky to have parents who loved and cared for me so much that they worked with me every day to try and help me understand … Continue reading I Have Autism

Daily Prompt: Daring

via Daily Prompt: Daring A long time ago there was a man who was quite daring. He would do little stunts that would bring crowds from miles away. Every time when he was done they would all shout, holler and cheer of the amazing daring mans stunts. He could jump through flames on a bicycle made from wood, and one time he even managed to pick up a horse. It wasn’t long though before people started to realize that  the mans stunts were not real and the daring man was never really daring at all. The crowds dwindled quickly,leaving the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Daring

The One Where I Moved

Moving. At some pint all of us do it, whether it’s from one room to or another or a college dorm, and the scariest of them all moving out of state. Recently I have done the later and I could not be happier that I did. My fiancé and I have both found amazing jobs within only a few weeks of being here and our puppies are loving the fresh country air. Admittedly it was hard for me to leave my family behind in Florida to move all the way up to New York but at some point we all … Continue reading The One Where I Moved

Fantastic Customers and How to Find Them

Working in the fast food industry, you’re bound to come across a few “questionable” people. I mean let’s face it, fast food is the Wal-Mart of restaurants. It doesn’t require you to spend hours getting ready, they have drive thrus, and usually you have your food in a little less than five minutes. So really convenience and laziness at its finest, and who could really reject that. Until recently though I haven’t really had any of my own experiences that really just made me think “what is going on in your head”. So without further ado, here are some rather … Continue reading Fantastic Customers and How to Find Them

It’s Time for Some Changes

Every day we go through this chaotic wonder that we call life something changes. Whether it be so small only the most meticulous observer realizes or so large that everyone stops and stares for a while, change is always happening. You would think with such a common occurrence people would be more willing to accept those things but in reality so many people are afraid to change just one little thing in their day to day lives. Well I’m here to tell you that change is okay, and it’s a necessary part of life. Everything seems daunting until you become … Continue reading It’s Time for Some Changes

Inside My Dog’s Head

It’s morning time, I can tell because I hear the feathered beasts outside making their noises. It’s quiet in my room, and the lights are off, I must make contact with master. “Hello!” I yell, no response. I must yell it repeatedly, yes, that usually works. “Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello” My ears perk up, I hear the sounds of masters bed creaking. He is coming now, I must say hello a couple more times so he knows I’m here. I jump on my door a few times so he knows I’m ready to go out. He peeks in, master … Continue reading Inside My Dog’s Head

Life Lessons from Management

“The Only Source of knowledge is experience”               -Albert Einstein From this quote alone I’m sure you can guess what this post will be about, and really it is very true. Everything we do in life, every moment we learn something new we are gaining experience that we can one day use to help other people through their own lives. What I mainly want to focus on is the experiences I’ve had as a manager and how they have taught me life lessons that will follow me through the rest of my professional life. Starting with the most simple lesson … Continue reading Life Lessons from Management

My Orlando Trip

So for the past two days I was up in Orlando and not for any fun, or at least I thought that at first. The reason I went is to attend a management leadership class and while at first I really did not want to go, it ended up being one of the most rewarding and informative classes I have gone to. The concepts were corny and the book we read even more so but the lessons that I learned about how to better run my store are lessons I can definitely say will help me not just at work, … Continue reading My Orlando Trip