Inside My Dog’s Head

It’s morning time, I can tell because I hear the feathered beasts outside making their noises. It’s quiet in my room, and the lights are off, I must make contact with master. “Hello!” I yell, no response. I must yell it repeatedly, yes, that usually works. “Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello” My ears perk up, I hear the sounds of masters bed creaking. He is coming now, I must say hello a couple more times so he knows I’m here. I jump on my door a few times so he knows I’m ready to go out. He peeks in, master … Continue reading Inside My Dog’s Head

Life Lessons from Management

“The Only Source of knowledge is experience”               -Albert Einstein From this quote alone I’m sure you can guess what this post will be about, and really it is very true. Everything we do in life, every moment we learn something new we are gaining experience that we can one day use to help other people through their own lives. What I mainly want to focus on is the experiences I’ve had as a manager and how they have taught me life lessons that will follow me through the rest of my professional life. Starting with the most simple lesson … Continue reading Life Lessons from Management

My Orlando Trip

So for the past two days I was up in Orlando and not for any fun, or at least I thought that at first. The reason I went is to attend a management leadership class and while at first I really did not want to go, it ended up being one of the most rewarding and informative classes I have gone to. The concepts were corny and the book we read even more so but the lessons that I learned about how to better run my store are lessons I can definitely say will help me not just at work, … Continue reading My Orlando Trip

Double Standards

Whether it be professional or personal there are always going to be those people that wear a “Crown of Hypocrisy” and lately it seems like I am surrounded by many candidates for that title. It’s inescapable really, some people just want to look at all the negatives in other people before they ever once consider that they could be the problem at hand. Sometimes it can be harder to deal with but nine times out of ten all that negativity and hypocrisy is eventually going to catch up and it’s only then that these people are going to realize that … Continue reading Double Standards

Snow Birds

Hello everyone, especially to those of you living down south who are familiar with today’s topic. Now that we are falling more in to the winter season its’s the magical time of year where all of the retirees head down south for their warm tropical weather. While it may be a vacation for them it creates living hell for those of us living in the sunny south. Sure they bring plenty of money and business but they also bring with them their fantastic driving skills. So here are some things that just really make living down south during this time … Continue reading Snow Birds

Life as a Fast Food Manager

Hello everyone reading this. This post is mostly a rant though who doesn’t love a good rant right. For the past ten months of my life I have been in the position of assistant manager at a fast food restaurant and though I’m incredibly grateful for the position, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Since I have become a manager, the stress just seems to keep adding up and not just because of the customers but employees as well. A year ago I would just complain about not being tipped now it is much more than … Continue reading Life as a Fast Food Manager