Inside My Dog’s Head

It’s morning time, I can tell because I hear the feathered beasts outside making their noises. It’s quiet in my room, and the lights are off, I must make contact with master. “Hello!” I yell, no response. I must yell it repeatedly, yes, that usually works. “Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello” My ears perk up, I hear the sounds of masters bed creaking. He is coming now, I must say hello a couple more times so he knows I’m here. I jump on my door a few times so he knows I’m ready to go out. He peeks in, master looks tired, I should try waking him up. I leap into his arms and start giving him many kisses, he makes low grumbling sounds, it must be working. He walks me to the back door and puts me on my necklace rope so I can take care of morning business. Then out of the corner of my eye I see one of the feathered beasts, I must protect my home. “Leave now you feathered beast” I yell. Master must be pleased because he calls my name. The feathered beast swoops away, I have protected my home another day.

I walk back inside and master smiles at me. “Who’s a good boy” he says, I wag my tail and smile, He must be talking about me, I am a good boy. He scratches my ears and takes the rope off my necklace. Master walks in through the clear door and I follow him. He takes a holder and puts black liquid in it. Master always does that in the morning times. Then he goes into another room and puts some of my food in another holder, it is breakfast time.

Master walks back to my bowl and puts it in. I run and jump, I love breakfast. Uh oh, theres another intruder now, I must scare them away. Master is pleased again, he yells my name, he is encouraging me. The intruder is gone, now it is safe to have food.

I have finished breakfast now and master has the red shiny, he is waving it in front of my face. I jump with excitement, I want the red shiny. He throws it and I run to attack it. I will be your master red shiny. Soon master is laughing, I love to see him smile. After a while I go and lay next to his feet. It is nap time now. As a close my eyes master picks me up and starts to stroke behind my ears, it feels so good I wag my tail with approval. Then I am out and in the land of dreams.


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