My Orlando Trip

So for the past two days I was up in Orlando and not for any fun, or at least I thought that at first. The reason I went is to attend a management leadership class and while at first I really did not want to go, it ended up being one of the most rewarding and informative classes I have gone to. The concepts were corny and the book we read even more so but the lessons that I learned about how to better run my store are lessons I can definitely say will help me not just at work, but in my life as well. I feel like this class gave me the motivation to go further, to reach for things that I thought were previously impossible for me. Not only these things but memories were made as well on this trip that I definitely won’t be forgetting for a while.

From the time I got to the meeting, all of the instructors made sure we felt welcome and they certainly had us laughing at a lot of things that wouldn’t be funny under normal circumstances. The part I was most hesitant about was being separated into groups with people I had never met but I’m honestly glad that I did. I made new friends through it and had a really good time. I may never see these people again but they definitely made the trip more interesting. I also think that this trip was the first time I’ve ever gotten a noise complaint at a hotel, and for studying to loud of all things. All in all, if I could do it again I would because now I have confidence in myself to do better, and make my team better as well.

So here is just a few things I learned in the past couple days:

1.First and foremost, what leadership really is. A leader is one who serves the people who serves the guest. At first it sounded kind of corny but really it makes a lot of since. In my job I really don’t talk to the customers a whole lot, on occasion I will but it really is all of my employees who have that contact and its my job to make sure that they are doing this in the best way they can. For them to do that I have to make sure that my employees are happy so they can make other people happy. It may seem like a simple concept and I thought that I was doing a good job of it already but being a leader also means to put barriers down between friendship and taking care of their needs in the most professional way possible.

2.Next, and probably the most corniest thing we did in that meeting was learn about the leadership pickles. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard something so stupid but really when you break it down, it makes a lot of sense. In order to lead a good team you need to be enthusiastic about your job no matter how much you might not like it or want it, it is your job so be proud of it while you have it and your employees might just be a little more enthusiastic themselves. Another great one is confidence, not just in yourself but in your team as well, without that they aren’t going to think that they can make it through that half hour rush that seems like it will never end. Last is integrity. If you can walk into work with your head held high while the whole world is burning around you and just push yourself to lead the best you can, the people around you are going to follow in that example and the world might be on fire but right there everything is running smooth and calmly.

3.Now the last part of the meeting and probably my least favorite was the book. The name of the book is “Escape From Management Land” and basically follows the story of a man who was just promoted and then is taken on a dream journey by his new staff showing him what pitfalls they want him to avoid so that they don’t have to go through yet another terrible manager. As much as some of the book was incredibly dull, it made some very good points on what parts of management that you really have to avoid if you actually want to lead your team to a better future. I even saw some things in there that I do myself and realized that in order to become better in my career I need to push past that so I can be better not just for me but for my crew as well.

That’s really the general outline of what happened, there was a lot more obviously but those are the most important things I think I could have learned in that meeting and I plan on taking those lessons and making myself a better leader for everyone. If you liked it then please share it and have an awesome day J


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