Snow Birds

Hello everyone, especially to those of you living down south who are familiar with today’s topic. Now that we are falling more in to the winter season its’s the magical time of year where all of the retirees head down south for their warm tropical weather. While it may be a vacation for them it creates living hell for those of us living in the sunny south. Sure they bring plenty of money and business but they also bring with them their fantastic driving skills. So here are some things that just really make living down south during this time of year awesome.

  1. Nobody seems to grasp the concept of a turning signal. True most younger drivers aren’t very great at using this simple little device but it seems that the snow birds have even less knowledge of it. For example I could be driving along just fine on my way to work which is mostly consistent of only straight lanes and then out of nowhere some old person from Pennsylvania will just slam on their breaks to make a last minute turn. I understand that you are unfamiliar with the area but if you know you’re going to be turning soon then please at least have the curtesy to let the people behind you know.
  2. They slam on their breaks for yellow lights. So this one is less common but it will still happen from time to time and heres how it usually goes. You’re driving down the road and maybe a little less than 1000 ft in front of you is a stop light which has just turned yellow. Usually the way people drive down here they go right through the light and by the time they pass it just turned red. Not for our wonderful out of town guests. They see yellow and just slam on their breaks and make a quick stop nowhere near the actual line. For the drivers down here this definitely causes a lot of frustration and more than a few traffic light accidents.
  3. Now on the flip side there are the snow birds who just don’t care and drive wherever they want. This could mean switching lanes when someone is right next to them, causing that driver either to swerve, slam on their breaks, or maybe even go off the road. This also means driving out into the middle of an intersection on a red light in a 50 MPH zone. It’s as if these people only have the attention span to drive their car but not to see their surroundings.
  4. They cut you off on a one way street and proceed to go 20 MPH under the speed limit. Now I realize that this can happen any time of the year but more so during fall and winter. You could be going a perfectly steady 45 MPH and then all of the sudden a car turns out into the road and you go from 45 to 20 with no way to pass. They don’t care that you’re probably late for work and just keep driving along like it’s no problem at all. They occasionally will break for no reason and often you’ll find them sight seeing and pointing at random items on the side of the road as if they had never seen a mailbox before in their lives and this one mail box is just the most magical thing they have ever seen in their lives.
  5. Last but not least the business they bring during the fall season. Yes its great for anybody working in the food industry but with their business they bring their fantastic attitudes. It seems most customer complaints in my restaurant come in during season and it is all from people who live out of state. They can and will complain about almost everything you could possibly imagine. If they wait for any longer than 3 minutes, whether it be fast food, or a formal restaurant, they automatically assume that everyone is just slacking off and customer service is terrible. It doesn’t matter if their food is hot and fresh because god forbid they waited a whole 10 minutes to get their meal.

And on that note I finish my rant on the most magical time of year for us southerners. If you have any stories about your own snow bird experiences go ahead and share, I am sure that there’s plenty. Again if you like it share it, if not then criticize away.


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