Fantastic Customers and How to Find Them

Working in the fast food industry, you’re bound to come across a few “questionable” people. I mean let’s face it, fast food is the Wal-Mart of restaurants. It doesn’t require you to spend hours getting ready, they have drive thrus, and usually you have your food in a little less than five minutes. So really convenience and laziness at its finest, and who could really reject that. Until recently though I haven’t really had any of my own experiences that really just made me think “what is going on in your head”. So without further ado, here are some rather … Continue reading Fantastic Customers and How to Find Them

It’s Time for Some Changes

Every day we go through this chaotic wonder that we call life something changes. Whether it be so small only the most meticulous observer realizes or so large that everyone stops and stares for a while, change is always happening. You would think with such a common occurrence people would be more willing to accept those things but in reality so many people are afraid to change just one little thing in their day to day lives. Well I’m here to tell you that change is okay, and it’s a necessary part of life. Everything seems daunting until you become … Continue reading It’s Time for Some Changes