It’s Time for Some Changes

Every day we go through this chaotic wonder that we call life something changes. Whether it be so small only the most meticulous observer realizes or so large that everyone stops and stares for a while, change is always happening. You would think with such a common occurrence people would be more willing to accept those things but in reality so many people are afraid to change just one little thing in their day to day lives. Well I’m here to tell you that change is okay, and it’s a necessary part of life. Everything seems daunting until you become familiar with it so why not just help it along by accepting it. Now I’m definitely not perfect, there’s times when I am terrified of a change in my life but I don’t let that control me. Head high, shoulders back, and approach it like you’re going to be its master. If that doesn’t work then I still have a few tips for bringing your mind to rest when it comes to those big life decisions.

Breathing Exercises

While it may sound cliché, breathing exercises work wonders in stressful situations. Now you can’t just sit there breath in really deep once and then expect everything to be ok, this has to be planned. Before going on your next great adventure take about half an hour by yourself in a quiet area where no one can bother you. I personally prefer to sit outside but it could be anywhere. Now sit there with your legs crossed, arms relaxed, and back straight. Concentrate on your breathing and count to four for every inhale/exhale. Try not to think about the things that are about to change, instead just focus on finding your peace, right here and right now. After a while your body should start to feel very relaxed and you should be thinking only about your breathing. Now whenever you feel ready take in one last deep breath and get ready to face the day. You should now be calm, relaxed, and feeling confident.

Go For a Run

For those that are more athletically inclined, going for a run is a sure way to forget about your worries for a while. Not only will it keep you in shape but it also releases endorphins which everyone knows makes you happy. Sure you can get that from chocolate but will you really feel the same satisfaction…bad question. Anyway running really is a great way to destress and it’s also a time where you can be alone. With that alone time you could think over the changes going on and learn to accept them or begin writing your next great mixtape. Whatever the case may be, running will help with the stress of change.

Fur Babies, Fur Babies Everywhere!

One of the most amazing ways to get rid of any tension in life is of course the companionship and love of an adorable little addition to the family. Whether you’re a dog or cat person that love and affection, or lack thereof (ehemCATSehem) is sure to bring a smile to your face. Also your little baby is going to be going so crazy over every little noise you can think of that you won’t even have time to think about your own problems. So maybe there’s still some stress involved, but hey they’re just so darn cute, how could you be mad at them for that.


So another great way to relieve stress, start that new hobby you swore you were going to try when you first saw it 5 years ago. There’s no time like the present, and there’s nothing better to take your mind off things than something that occupies all the mental capacity you have. You could start a garden, crochet, bake, or maybe start that book you’ve always wanted to write but just couldn’t seem to find inspiration for. Whatever tickles your fancy really, as long as it’s time consuming and uses all your mental strength you are golden my friend, the sky is literally the limit. Really don’t try to make it your goal to fly into space, unless you really can do that in which case keep going there little super bud.

Well for now, that’s all the tips I can think of on bringing a little more Zen into your life, if you can think of any more feel free to comment below. Anyway thank you for reading and have an awesome day 😀


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill


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