Fantastic Customers and How to Find Them

Working in the fast food industry, you’re bound to come across a few “questionable” people. I mean let’s face it, fast food is the Wal-Mart of restaurants. It doesn’t require you to spend hours getting ready, they have drive thrus, and usually you have your food in a little less than five minutes. So really convenience and laziness at its finest, and who could really reject that. Until recently though I haven’t really had any of my own experiences that really just made me think “what is going on in your head”. So without further ado, here are some rather entertaining transactions that I have experienced.

“What’s a Sundae?”

The other week my store was getting ready to close and we were down to the last of the people coming in to get their late night snacks when out of nowhere a magical customer appeared. In the best happy and not tired or annoyed voice I could manage I took their order. I didn’t suggest anything to them nor did I really care if they stayed but they finished their order and pulled up to the window. Once they were there they had their order repeated back to them and the change was taken care of. Well as one of my employees starts to hand out the food the customer(who received exactly what he ordered) asked him, with a straight face, “what’s a sundae?” I’m sorry what. Not only did you order it from me, specifying exactly what you wanted on it and then after having it repeated back twice you were perfectly fine but when you get the actual product in hand…then you decided you suddenly don’t know what a sundae is. First of all, unless you’ve lived under a rock there is no way that as an American citizen you have not seen a sundae in some way shape or form. They have them everywhere, Malls, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, even grocery stores sometimes sell little Molten Cake Sundaes. Also my second question is, why would you ever order something, not knowing what it is, and then not even question it until you are physically holding it. Yes this really did happen…yes he was entirely serious…I still don’t quite comprehend how but hey, maybe he was just that one kid in all of America that has never had ice cream before, who am I to judge.

“My Ice Cream is too Cold”

Yet another very special human being to come by my establishment, and to this day is one of the most mind blowing statements I have ever heard. The customer had ordered a shake and when they received said shake proceeded to tell my employee that the shake was “too cold”. First of all, it is called ICE cream not cool cream, not semi warm cream, ICE CREAM. The fact that you just ordered something with the word ice in it should be a dead giveaway of the fact that it might be a little cold. I could understand that maybe if the ice cream we serve was way below average but its most certainly always in the range of 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty normal to me, and honestly don’t you want your cold creamy desert to be, I don’t know, cold! Second thing I didn’t understand about this complaint, how in the world do you expect us to fix that for you. We don’t have any way of making our cold products less cold, nor would we for food safety reasons. Also, cold works just like hot, if you let it sit there long enough it becomes room temperature, therefore melting said cold product. Obviously though this deserved a complaint of some form. To that customer out there, I am sincerely sorry that your ice cream was not soup when we served it to you, should we maybe start putting it over heat and selling it as a side with our combo meals?

“What’s the difference between your real fruit drinks and regular drinks”

Last but not least, the most recent encounter I had with a customer involved the dumbest question I have ever heard in my life. “What’s the difference between real fruit and regular flavoring?” To which I simply responded that the really fruit had, wait for it, real fruit in it(no way, bet you didn’t see that coming). The customer then replies, “Oh my god really?” Why yes dear customer we really do put real fruit into the thing that we advertise as having real fruit in. First of all this is just a lack of common sense and is pretty much the same as asking the difference between black and white. Secondly, what were you really expecting that answer to be, honestly, what could you have possibly thought that it meant.

And with that, my dear readers, my experiences with the most “interesting” people I have gotten in fast food is concluded. If you have any stories of your own you want to share feel free. Also share this please please please J


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