Daily Prompt: Daring

via Daily Prompt: Daring

A long time ago there was a man who was quite daring. He would do little stunts that would bring crowds from miles away. Every time when he was done they would all shout, holler and cheer of the amazing daring mans stunts.

He could jump through flames on a bicycle made from wood, and one time he even managed to pick up a horse. It wasn’t long though before people started to realize that  the mans stunts were not real and the daring man was never really daring at all.

The crowds dwindled quickly,leaving the poor man to his thoughts and his failure. He then realized that he never deserved the title of daring because he knew in his heart that he was no such thing.

With a sniff of his nose and sad longing look he dropped down his helmet and walked away into the horizon.

He traveled for miles and miles until he came to stop at an old inn over the hills that seemed quite inviting. At the inn he was fed and treated like royalty for the host of the inn was really very kindly. When he had been fed well and sleep showed in his eyes the gentle old woman showed him to his room up the hall.

When he’d bade her goodnight and walked to the bed the man almost jumped into soft cotton cloud. Sleep came quickly that night and soon he was dreaming of what it would be like if hed actually been daring.

in the morning he was awoken by the soft cooing of a dove that had managed to find its way through his window. When he began to move the small bird spread it’s long wings and with a sharp turn it flew out the window.

He watched it for a while before getting ready for his day and was about to leave the inn when the old woman stopped him with only four words to say.

“Be true to yourself” and with a smile and a nod the young man hugged her and was in his way with renewed confidence in his stride. Though the man never did do a stunt again he was daring enough to restore his pride and that was really all the man ever needed.


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